Hi, I’m Dan.

I am an entrepreneur, product manager, and producer / on air talent with ten years experience in digital and broadcast media (see my LinkedIn profile).

I am passionate about creating great products.

I believe:

  • Ship the product… Perfection is the enemy of good.
  • Build >> Measure >> Learn >> Build… (a.k.a. The Lean Startup).
  • Without data, we’re all just guessing.
  • Ideas are cheap. It’s all about execution.
  • You are only as strong as your team.

Questions I ask when a new feature is proposed:

  • What problem are we solving for our users?
  • What is the value proposition for our business?
  • How will we measure success?
  • What experiments can we run to prove we’re on the right course?
  • How can we build 20% of this feature and still satisfy 80% of our users?

Check out my portfolio: Digital | Voice | Producer | Writer & Editor

Prefer paper? Here’s my resume (PDF).


  • Listening, Interviewing, & Observing – Step 1 is making sure to solve the right problem. I ask the right questions.
  • Storytelling (a.k.a. Content Strategy, Marketing, Product, etc..) – Stories move us. Websites, marketing campaigns, and even technical documentation must be placed in the context of an overall theme / mission. With more than ten years experience as a writer, editor, and on air voice, I spin a good yarn.
  • User Experience – I empathize with the user and view through problem through his or her eyes. My wireframing weapons of choice range from a pencil and paper (for speed) to Balsamiq (for rapid prototyping with clickable interfaces) to Omnigraffle (for precision).
  • Agile Project Management – Using agile methodologies, I manage a team of designers and developers (in NYC, India, and Turkey). Back in my newsroom days, I managed producers, engineers, and reporters during all sorts of breaking news events.
  • Data Analytics – I dig data. Without it, we’re all just guessing. Whenever building a new feature, I look for ways we can run experiments to measure success. With an MBA, I know how to collect raw data and turn it into actionable information.