I went to the way back machine today and uploaded and oldie, but goodie to SoundCloud.

I slapped this piece together in an afternoon in 2003 when McDonald’s (with Justin Timberlake’s help) announced it was switching from “We Love to See You Smile” to “I’m Lovin’ It.” Clearly it was a good idea, since McD’s is still lovin’ that jingle and catchphrase today, more than eight years later.

The piece, which aired on Chicago Public Radio’s Eight Forty-Eight, is nothing more than me accosting McDonald’s patrons to ask a simple question: “Are you lovin’ it?” I get a mix of responses, including one “I love you.”

My part starts 60 seconds in, following some context by a Chicago Tribune journalist who has this crazy notion that journalism is about reporting and analysis, not goofy interviews set to a Curtis Mayfield soundtrack. Well, to each his own.

Are you lovin’ it?


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